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The Sith Academy is the brand new order in the galaxy, the Sith Order is completely separate from the troopers and primary and secondary jobs and will have New Abilities, New Objectives, and a lot of new hilts and customization options. There have been a huge overhaul and new ranking systems and once you reach Level 50 in-game you will unlock access to receive Sith Training.

Sith Loadout

YOUNGLING Health: 250 Salary: 250 YOUNGLING LIGHTSABER Small blade that has an training lightsaber crystal that will not do damage but can deflect bullets and practice stances with. Power: 50 Abilities (Stack from other ranks before): - Force Leap

ACOLYTE Health: 350 Salary: 500 ACOLYTE LIGHTSABER Power: 100 Abilities (Stack from other ranks before): - Force Adrenaline [NEW] (Will make your run speed faster and attack speed faster) - Saber Throw

ADEPT Health: 450 Salary: 750 ADEPT LIGHTSABER Power: 150 Abilities (Stack from other ranks before): - Force Push - Force Pull

KNIGHT Health: 550 Salary: 1000 KNIGHT LIGHTSABER Power: 200 Abilities (Stack from other ranks before): - Shadow Strike [NEW] (Lunges at enemy dealing a lot of damage) - Force Repulse

WARRIOR Health: 650 Salary: 1500 WARRIOR LIGHTSABER Power: 250 Abilities (Stack from other ranks before): - Force Lightning - Force Choke

LORD Health: 750 Salary: 2000 LORD LIGHTSABER Power: 300 Abilities (Stack from other ranks before): - Force Slow - Force Blind - Blood Sacrifice [NEW] (Slams lightsaber onto ground killing surrounding enemies) After this rank you have the chance to make it into the Dark Council, this will not allow you new abilities but will grant you access to become an inquisitor or something that’s not decided yet.

DARK LORD Health: 1000 Salary: 2500 LORD LIGHTSABER Power: 350 Abilities (Stack from other ranks before): - Diamond Storm [NEW] (Turns surrounding air into shards of destruction causing a lot of damage) - Energetic Shell [NEW] (Converts force into a powerful shield)

Sith Ranks

  • Sith Youngling (Unlocked at level 50)
  • Sith Acolyte
  • Sith Adept
  • Sith Knight
  • Sith Warrior
  • Sith Lord
  • Sith Dark Lord
  • Sith Inquisitor
  • Sith Second Sister
  • Sith Ninth Sister
  • Sith Grand Inquisitor

Sith Playermodel:

Stormtrooepr Enlisted