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Imperial Pilots

The Imperial Pilots are a regiment that specializes in flying, they will be able to spawn Tie fighters at any rank and Tie Interceptors for 2LT+, The Imperial Pilots will fly around in squadrons and work as air support. They will not have much health and only a pistol but enough to defend themselves in events and missions.

Imperial Pilots Loadout

  • RK-3
  • Regular E-11 Blaster
  • Clearance Level 1 (PVT+)
  • Clearance Level 2 (SGT+)
  • Dual RK-3 (2LT+)
  • Clearance Level 3 (2LT+)
  • Clearance Level 4 (CMDR)

Imperial Pilot Ranks

  • PVT (Enlisted)
  • PFC (Enlisted)
  • LCPL (Enlisted)
  • CPL (Enlisted)
  • SGT (Sergeant)
  • SSGT (Sergeant)
  • SFC (Sergeant)
  • MSGT (Sergeant)
  • SGM (Sergeant)
  • 2LT (Lieutenant)
  • 1LT (Lieutenant)
  • Captain (Officer)
  • Major (Officer)
  • Lieutenant Colonel (Officer)
  • Colonel (Officer)
  • Vice Commander (Commander)
  • Commander (Commander)

Pilot Playermodel:

Stormtrooepr Enlisted