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Imperial Medics

The Imperial Medics are in charge of healing injured troopers, it is their job to go around the ship and battlefield and heal anyone who is low on health. You can also do a lot of medical rp such as doing checkups or curing viruses. Every so often a random trooper will catch a minor disease which it will be your job to cure.

Imperial Medics Loadout

  • Bacta Injector
  • Bacta Grenade
  • Disease Scanner
  • Medical Scanner
  • DT-29 Blaster Pistol
  • Regular E-11 Blaster
  • Clearance Level 2 (PVT+)
  • Imperial Shield (SGT+)
  • Clearance Level 3 (2LT+)
  • Clearance Level 4 (CMDR)

Imperial Medic Ranks

  • PVT (Enlisted)
  • PFC (Enlisted)
  • LCPL (Enlisted)
  • CPL (Enlisted)
  • SGT (Sergeant)
  • SSGT (Sergeant)
  • SFC (Sergeant)
  • MSGT (Sergeant)
  • SGM (Sergeant)
  • 2LT (Lieutenant)
  • 1LT (Lieutenant)
  • Captain (Officer)
  • Major (Officer)
  • Lieutenant Colonel (Officer)
  • Colonel (Officer)
  • Vice Commander (Commander)
  • Commander (Commander)

Medic Playermodel:

Stormtrooepr Enlisted