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The Imperial ISB is similar to RO however they will always be wearing a suit and be stationed on base maps and less combat. They are authorized to restrain troopers and take them in for investigation (Have to give to SHOCK or Release if found anything). They will also be armed with weapons and will be doing patrols around the ship, time to time this secondary job will do its own missions but will not be too big and will mostly be investigations.

ISB Loadout

  • RK-3 Blaster Pistol
  • TL-40 Blaster Rifle
  • Imperial Binders
  • Imperial Shield
  • Electro Dagger
  • ISB Drone
  • Footprint & Fingerprint Scanner
  • Clearance Level 2 (Agent+)
  • Clearance Level 3 (Warrant Officer+)
  • Dual RK-3 Blaster Pistol (Officer+)
  • Clearance Level 4 (Director)

ISB Ranks

  • Trainee (Agent)
  • Junior Agent (Agent)
  • Agent (Agent)
  • Senior Agent (Agent)
  • Special Agent (Agent)
  • Warrant Officer (Warrant Officer)
  • Specialist (Warrant Officer)
  • Senior Warrant Officer (Warrant Officer)
  • Lieutenant (Officer)
  • Captain (Officer)
  • Major (Officer)
  • Chief (Officer)
  • Director (Director)