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The Imperial Fleet is what is in charge of commanding and taking control of what troopers did in battles and on bases, It is their job to keep the troopers in order and do organized inspections in the trooper bunks, there is a lot of RP involved, and fleet can also make arrests but their equipment will not be as good as SHOCK and it will be hard. The fleet also will have control of a lot of base systems such as being able to put the ship on lockdown, using the ship's announcer systems, accepting or denying vehicle requests, and much more. The fleet will also be given a Datapad where they can record data and collect data from missions and log inspections E.T.C.

Fleet Loadout

  • SE-14c Blaster Pistol
  • Stun E-11 Blaster (5-10s)
  • Datapad
  • Unarrest Baton
  • Stun stick
  • Riot Baton
  • Clearance Level 3 (Enlisted+)
  • Clearance Level 4 (Commodore+)

Fleet Ranks

  • Crewman (Enlisted)
  • Warrant Officer (Enlisted)
  • Petty Officer (Enlisted)
  • Ensign (Ensgin)
  • Junior Lieutenant (Lieutenant/Captain)
  • Lieutenant (Lieutenant/Captain)
  • Lieutenant Commander (Lieutenant/Captain)
  • Captain (Lieutenant/Captain)
  • Commodore (Commodore)
  • Rear Admiral (Admiral)
  • Vice Admiral (Admiral)
  • Admiral (Admiral)
  • Fleet Admiral (Admiral)
  • Grand Admiral (Grand Admiral)

Fleet Playermodel:

Stormtrooepr Enlisted