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501st Legion

The 501st Legion is the main fighting and front line regiment on the server, if you are into heavy weaponry and a lot of PVP this is the perfect regiment for you. It will have access to additional armor than the normal troopers can access and better weaponry that will likely be customizable.

501st Legion Loadout

  • DLT-19 Heavy Blaster
  • E-11T Blaster Rifle
  • Imperial Shield
  • Clearance Level 1 (PVT+)
  • Clearance Level 3 (2LT+)
  • Thermal Detonator (SGT+)
  • Clearance Level 2 (SGT+)
  • Flash Grenade (2LT+)
  • Squad Shield (2LT+)
  • Clearance Level 3 (2LT+)
  • Impact Grenade (CPT+)
  • Clearance Level 4 (CMDR)

501st Legion Ranks

  • PVT (Enlisted)
  • PFC (Enlisted)
  • LCPL (Enlisted)
  • CPL (Enlisted)
  • SGT (Sergeant)
  • SSGT (Sergeant)
  • SFC (Sergeant)
  • MSGT (Sergeant)
  • SGM (Sergeant)
  • 2LT (Lieutenant)
  • 1LT (Lieutenant)
  • Captain (Officer)
  • Major (Officer)
  • Lieutenant Colonel (Officer)
  • Colonel (Officer)
  • Vice Commander (Commander)
  • Commander (Commander)

501st Legion Playermodel:

Stormtrooepr Enlisted